Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Rockdale County Georgia Courthouse

Rockdale County Courthouse, Conyers, Georgia

Rockdale Courthouse Art Print

Conyers, Georgia (Metro Atlanta)

Rockdale County is located about 25 miles from Atlanta and the county seat is Conyers, Georgia. Conyers is home to the Georgia International Horse Park which was the venue for the 1996 Olympic equestrian events.

The courthouse is located in Olde Towne Conyers on Main Street and is a collection of buildings from the 1930‘s (an old WPA Post Office and a courthouse) tied together with a new addition from the 1990‘s. Courthouses litter the southern landscape, but this one is unique in its patchwork style, combining the old with the new. There is no typical southern square in Conyers, just a small town on the railroad from Atlanta to Augusta.

If this courthouse could talk its storytelling could ooze with plenty of drama. Murder trials, sex crimes, the average and not-so-average divorce and civil case. Legal entanglements small and large with plenty of characters to go around. Small towns and courthouses are all about secret stories (that probably shouldn't be told), adventures and misadventures, heroes and villains. This courthouse, tied together by an add-on atrium, reminds you of your grandmother's or aunt's small house. You know, the one where Uncle Buck added on a bedroom or a kitchen right after the war. Only this was the local townsfolk adding onto a government building. Cheaper than building a new one. Just like granny. But it does serve the purpose. On any given day, it is filled with scoundrels, notorious and not-so-notorious criminals along with a sprinkling of crazy aunts and uncles. Just like old times.

If you've ever lived or worked in Conyers you'll want one of these prints. Probably to remind you of some past unpleasantness and a lesson learned. If you're a lawyer, you either have some very fond memories of this place or you want this print to remind you never to return to Rockdale County. Either way it has some value.

The original pen and ink/watercolor is part of my private collection, this print captures the original in all its color and is roughly 9 1/2 by 15 1/2 in size. The print is on archival quality paper which will last a lifetime. It comes without a mat or frame. The print of the original work of art is carefully and professionally reproduced by the pros at Associated Printing in Covington, Georgia.

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All artwork © Warren Summers. Right to reproduce does not transfer with sale of artwork. Artist retains and reserves all rights.

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